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pressure in ears!
ThomasOz posted:
About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with walking phenomena. I blew out some mucus and thats when it happened. My left ear felt completly blocked up. I felt like i needed to yawn and get it to pop back to normal but it just wouldnt pop. This went on for about 2 weeks with my ear gradually getting better to the point were i was able to make it pop (yay) but it would just go right back to the feeling of pressure. Now 6 months later i still have an odd pressure in my Other ear! When i swallow it clicks. I move my jaw around constantly in order to try and allieviate the pressure. Aside from the clicking when i swallow (without fail), it will make other noises like crackling. Ive noticed that the pressure becomes alot worse when I'm sick. ive tried many things from holding my nose and blowing, but the pressure always comes back. ive taken decongestants and steam showers, but nothing seems to work. 1 more thing i would like to add. (please bare with me as i try to explain this) I used to clench my jaw. But i wouldnt just press down. its like pressing down and then pressing down again and you hear a swooshing noise ( i think its the rubbing of cartilage) and i used to do that OFTEN on the left side. Now, i feel like there is more muscel and tension in my right jaw and i feel like ive pushed the molars down causing my bite to be slightly uneven and this somehow is causeing the pressure. Also i would like to add that i can no longer do this clenching thing on my left jaw, and can only do it now on my right. (ive realized this is a horible habit and have stopped) Now with all this said I do not know if the pressure is a tmj issue, a sinus issue, an issue of fluid in the middle ear, or combination of things. As you can probably guess this issue has put a huge damper on my life. self confidence is down, i am constantly getting anxiety attacks which have NEVER happened to me before. the list goes on. so please please please help!

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