Anon_175849 posted:
Hi there,
Just got prescribed this Loratadine, as I cam to my doc about having a cold, and usually manifests itself by a hoarse throat, but also with a phlegm, plus the runny nose. While I took care with like a half dose of penicilin left from 18 months or so ago (still not out of date) it's not really cleared up., throat that is, and got a cough. I told the doc, I got the cough and he asked if throat hurts, told him no, he checked twice (to him seemed ok just like that?). After 1 day of this drug, I still have the hoarse throat, no phlegm (as of now, who knows). Just doctor didn't seem that inspiring, I must say. Is this drug good, does it have required effect after 20 days, as instructed to take 1 a day, tablet. Thanks!