orange mucus?? (sorry :( )
An_252657 posted:

about a week ago i come down with flu. did not go to doctors just had all flu like symptoms, bed ridden and extremely bad coughetc. Over the last week i have slowly got better. I am not there yet but am back in work although i am still coughing a lot and still do not have much of a voice because of how bunged up i am.
I have been blowing my nose constantly all week but the last 2 days it has been bright orange coming out of my nose. It has been healthy colour all week and now i have this. It is not the colour of blood in my mucus it is neon orange. I don't know what this is as i thought i was getting better slowly?? could this be a sign of a chest infection and that i need to go to doctors? or should i let it take it's course??
Any advice would be gladly accepted as im clueless
Thanks xx