Nasal discharge
An_252809 posted:
Dear doctor,

I don't know what is happening in the right side of my nose because it releasing a fluid with blood sometimes color light yellow green and sometimes color orange and why it is always releasing with a bit of blood? I visited a doctor and gave me clindamycin and decolsin because my right nostril is inflamed. After a week, the. Medicines not worked so another doctor meet me and said maybe i should go to the ENT doctor e And gave me the spray named sodium chloride (muconase) because my nostril is inflamed.

My questions are

Q1: why it is always releasing a fluid with a bit of blood after i spray my two nostrils using sodium chloride (muconase).

Q2: everyday it is releasing 2 or 3 times per day. Why? Im always spraying my nostrils everyday

Q3: Is the nasal discharge curable with the spray??

I need your respond soon as possible

Thanks doctor..