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Chronic Viruses
An_252919 posted:
August, 2012 I became ill with what I thought was another bout of strep throat; it was not strep, not mono, not gonorrhea, not chlamydia, not syphillus; all my tests came back negative. A couple days after my fever started, tiny ulcers began in my mouth that made it almost unbearable to eat or drink--they were everywhere, even on my tonsils. My Primary Care physician had no idea what to tell me; he gave me an antibiotic, and had me go on my way. I remained sick for a month. I finished a Z-pack and Clindamycin with no change in my symptoms. The symptoms subsided when the sores did. This sickness changed who I am. I went to the hospital twice, once for blacking out and another time because I just felt so bad--both times I was severely dehydrated... I also ran a 104 fever for about 5 or 6 days which I kept down with ibuprofen or tylenol.

Other than having a severe anxiety and a hyperinflated lung after the August sickness subsided, I was fine. Except for one thing, it seemed like about every two weeks one side of my tongue would get sore and somewhat swollen. When one side would go down, the other side would flare up, and I also noticed localized tender spots inside my throat. This would get better, and I would think everything was normal until about two weeks later after that, and then the same thing would happen.

February, 2013, I was at work and I noticed a tickle in my throat, I looked in the mirror and saw a tiny ulcer in the back left. The next day I just did not feel well at all; my whole demeanor and personality was dropped. Then the third day hit and I woke up feeling as bad as I did in August; and the sore in my throat had grown. I had all the same symptoms again, and more sores flared up in my throat. My PC swabbed me for everything and everything came back negative; even herpes, and he gave me Valtrex, but it did nothing. The severe symptoms lasted for about a week this time, but that initial sore was the problem. I thought the sores back in August kept me from eating and drinking! This sore was huge! It got infected and started to separate itself from my cheek, there was a flap, and a lymph node near it was so swollen it hurt to speak!

In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with HIV. My bloodwork done in May read my T-Cells at 520 and my Viral Load at about 115,000 copies/mL of blood.
I started medication on June 14.

After that subsided, it has been the same routine with the tongue soreness and so on and so forth. I got a swollen tonsil about a month ago on the left side where the scar from that huge sore remains, and the left side of my tongue was sore then and I had a low grade fever.

Last week (about 7/17/13 - 7/22/13) the tongue soreness appeared again. On Tuesday it sort of went away, but I started experiencing a headache and what felt like a mild fever (my thermometer sucks so I don't have an accurate reading). Tonight I feel the same way, last night was okay.

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do because when I explain it to my doctor, all of this just "seems like an allergy" or it is shrugged off like "what do you want me to do about it." Obviously, they are not so crass; however, this is making me quite nervous especially since they have tested for stuff.

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