Ear problems
tsuru posted:
A few years back, I had a really bad cold. After the cold, my ear felt like it was plugged up, kind of like how it feels when you are waiting for your ear to "pop". Long story short, I went to one ENT who gave me steroids and all kinds of other meds and finally poked a hole in my ear. After three weeks, it healed and after a few more weeks, it was back to the same thing. So I went to another ENT and he put a tube in my ear. This worked great... for about a year. It seems that the tube "migrated" to the bottom of my ear drum so he put in another one. Which worked great... for about a year. Which is where I am now.

My question is, what could be causing the problem? The ENT that I have been seeing said that we can't keep doing tubes in the ear as it will eventually cause problems (scar tissue on my eardrum is maybe what he said?). He checked my eustachian tube and it is not blocked. I am nervous to go back because I don't want to have surgery which I think this ENT wants to do. I don't even know why I'd need to have surgery or on what. Is this common?

I am also sick of having one ear blocked and being half deaf every time that the tube migrates or falls out so I would like to know what to expect and request.