tongue lump
An_252976 posted:
Hi, I've got a small, 'soft' lump, or maybe even a valley anomaly on the back lateral/lingual border of my tongue. I can feel it if I drag my finger in one direction, but can't seem to feel it going the opposite direction? The left side of my tongue looks nothing like the right when I stick my tongue out rigidly on it's own. I've seen dentist to doctors, even a dermatologist (i've even asked my wifes OB-GYN), and they say it's fine and there's nothing there. I can feel however, a tiny knot if I squeeze the ventral/lingual tonsil between my index and thumb.. It's small, almost rice like, and seems dissipate under pressure? I'm assuming, because after I let it go for a few days, it starts off firm, and when I squeeze it it slowly seems to disappear? I'm not sure if it does or not.

I'm really paranoid about tongue cancer, and the impression I get is that--it's by far the easiest to detect with a simple visual inspection.. So, I've seen about 8 doctors, every one of them refuses to biopsy, yet none will tell me what it is?