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Fleshy lump on left tonsil
georgen1 posted:
Hey there! So I started feeling like something was wrong, like i was getting sick, so i felt my lymph nodes, surely enough, they were a little bit swollen. I went to my doctor the next day and he felt them and said nothing was wrong and told me to relax and stop reading stuff on the internet (he did however take a throat culture. This was on Friday, and i've yet to get a call). I went home and started examining myself when I shone a flashlight into my mouth.

On my left tonsil there's a fleshy growth (about 4-5mm in diameter, with what seems to be a yellow tip (looks like a pimple that's ready to pop). It portrudes off my tonsil about the same length as its diameter and the tip seems to be at the end. It also sometimes touches the back of my throat, and where the tip seems to touch there's something that looks like a skin colored blister. The lump itself on my tonsil is painless. Now at this point I know something's up, because my jugulodigastric lymph node on the left side is most definitely swollen, still under 1 cm in diameter but it's definitely grown since then, and feels continuously uncomfortable.

I should probably mention that I do smoke occasionally and I suffer from severe post-nasal drip as a result of this(maybe 5/6 cigarettes a week). I abstained from smoking for 4 days after I noticed the lymph node swelling. Yesterday was the fourth day and I was feeling a lot better for some reason so I decided to have a couple of smokes. It instantly had an effect on me and that tight feeling in my lymph nodes was back.

Everything related to lumps on tonsils and swollen lymph nodes on the internet seems to point to some form of cancer, so is there any way someone can please give me some reassurance? (I seem to be slowly developing hypochondriac tendencies and symptoms)

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