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Popping noise when soft palate raises
bensonburner posted:
Whenever I open my mouth there is always a popping/snapping/clicking kind of sound that happens at some point. It's very annoying and audible to others when in a quiet room. It also occurs when I exhale out of my mouth. Basically, whenever my soft palate raises. It sounds like it could be two surfaces pulling off one another. I definitely know it is not my TMJ making this sound but I wonder if it is related to the fact that I have been wearing a repositioning splint for about a year and so I have not closed my mouth completely in that long. As a result, I wonder if it could be that some surfaces aren't fully lubricated. Anybody have any ideas? Would appreciate whatever feedback you can give me.
poemzx responded:
Hey Im having very similar symptoms as you, and I also have a splint appliance from my orthodontist. Are you wearing it for TMJD? I have a stabilization splint covering all my upper teeth which im wearing because im supposed to have jaw surgery eventually. I started getting these clicks and pops 3 months after I got my splint. Its been a month since I started hearing these clicks and pops. Do you also hear them when you talk or burp for example? And do you ears ever make weird crackling sounds too? Sort of like the pressure is uneven in them?

Hope you see this
eurovoice replied to poemzx's response:
bensonburner and poemzx,

would be very interested to hear how this condition is progressing for you and whether you're finding some relief. please give an update (for the sake of all folks desperately searching the internet for those with similar conditions!)
owenh1 replied to poemzx's response:
I'm not sure if you have found the solution to your problem as of yet. But i believe that you may have a condition called Palatal Myoclonus. Which is involuntary muscle spasms of the soft palate. Have a search for it. Unfortunately, very little is known about this condition and there is very little research done in how to relieve the symptoms. Hope your feeling better.
undefined responded:
I have something similar happening, I think, though it only seems to happen after pronouncing certain consonants. I think it possibly is something to do with the soft palate movement. I first noticed it happening in a quiet room after breathing out through my mouth, so it isn't solely when making consonant sounds. It doesn't seem to happen when I'm lying down.

It is a nuisance and distracting, but not painful. I would be very interested to learn if anyone has received a diagnosis.

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