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Middle Ear Infection leading to Tinnitus
mpk1133 posted:
Last Sunday I was in Turks and Caicos and went for my final scuba dive before the end of the trip. As I was descending my right here wasn't equalizing properly so I ascended until the pressure relieved. When I went to the bottom it was popping and equalizing on its own. After the dive I felt minor pressure in my right ear but I thought it was just my ear recovering from the change in pressure. That night (the night before our flight) I was in serious sharp pain. I couldn't sleep and the nurse at the resort gave me decongestion pills. The next morning i felt fine but the pressure slowly restarted as the day continued. The plane the next day was fine. When I got home I went to a walk-in doctor who prescribed me to amoxicillin and ear drops. That night the sharp pain continued. After a full day of the antibiotic the sharp pain eased. My ear was ringing and pulsating. I went to an ENT who said I had middle ear infection (fluid behind the ear drum). My eardrum was intact but my hearing was off because of the ringing noise proven by tests. He gave me a steroid/inflammatory called promethasine (not sure of the spelling) It has been 6 days since the start of the ear infection and I still feel slight pressure in my ear. I cannot equalize my right ear like I can for my left ear. I am 18 yrs old going to college in 2 weeks and I'm worried this ringing will be permanent making studying hard. My question is will the tinnitus stop when the fluid clears and the inflammation subsides or is there more of a chance of the tinnitus being permanent. I ask for a serious medical answer, not one that will just calm me down for now
mpk1133 responded:
the steroid is prednisone**

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