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Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome (TTTS)
tensortympani posted:
I suffer from Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome (TTTS). It developed to my right ear after noise exposure about seven years ago. First 7-8 months I had only feeling of fullness and blockage in my ear. Then came tinnitus which is not problem to me.
I have noticed during the years that the worst symptoms of (TTTS) for me are the sense of blockage and fullness in my ear. The feeling of fullness caused by the tensed tensor tympani muscle causes me anxiety, depression and fatigue. Other symptoms of TTTS are not so major to me. I have no hyperacusis but my sound tolerance is little bit lower than "normal". My hearing is ok (normal hearing thresholds).

I have tried sound therapy but it was not helpfull. And I think that it cannot help me because I can feel how the tensor tympani muscle is tensioned whether I am in the quiet room or in the higher volume enviroment (If the soud volume is high or very high I can feel how the tympani muscle gets even more tensioned, but that is normal).

How common TTTS is among the people that have had noise exposure? Most people with noise exposure related ear problems seems to have tinnitus, hyperacusis or hearing loss.

Who is the best doctor in this field in the world? Or who (specialist) you would recommend to get treatment to my TTTS?

Could botox injection to tensor tympani muscle help me? It seems that botox injections has used for palatal myoclonus tinnitus so I thought it might help also TTTS?

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