Intense Sinus Pressure
An_253188 posted:
I went to my PCP because I was having more headaches than usual. I had 4 migraines and 2 other headaches in 2 weeks. My dr. thought a sinus infection was triggering my headaches and prescribed mucinex D and 20 days of 250mg of cefizl (antibiotics) 2 times a day. I had fewer headaches!
About 10 days in I started feeling intense sinus pressure, lethargy and dizziness, stiffness in my neck and upper body joints, with an occasional mild fever. I did not really feel congested, just a wave of pressure that would come and keep building throughout the day until it felt like my face was pulsing. I went back to my dr. but saw the nurse practioner. She doubled my antibiotics and put me on Meclizine for the diziness. She said that she thought I had a very bad sinus infection and as it was breaking up it was causing my symptoms to get worse. She said that if my symptoms did not improve after finishing my antibiotics, we would need to do a CT scan of my sinus. My symptoms did not improve, so I went back Monday and they scheduled the CT for Friday. The next day I started to feel better, so now I don't know if it will be worth getting the CT Scan as I'm afraid they will not find anything and this test comes out of my deductible so I would be paying almost $600 for the possibility of finding nothing.