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Tinnitus and related symptoms, Ear popping
rlouiset posted:
Hello Community!

I am a current graduate student. About two years ago I began experiencing intermittent tinnitus. I just recently went through some older paper files of mine and came across my ENT office audiogram from two years ago. I reported the tinnitus, feeling off-balance, fullness in my ears, and my ears popping ever time I swallow.
Being a speech-language pathology graduate clinician, I went to our clinic's audiologist to ask her about my ears popping. I told her about the tinnitus and she said she wanted to evaluate me. The evaluation consisted of tympanometry, pure-tone audiometry, and tinnitus and hyperacusis testing. In the interview with her, I expressed the couple bouts with vertigo that I've had. I also talked about how very rarely, my hearing will cut out in one ear and all I can hear is the tinnitus, and then it slowly fades back in. I am also on Singulair for asthma, and rarely am burdened with severe environmental allergic reactions.
At the end of the evaluation, the audiologist confirmed my now constant, central, bilateral tinnitus, hyperacusis, and vertigo. My hearing is within normal limits with a Type A tymp. With my compilation of symptoms, she recommended I talk to my physician about my symptoms, as they are red flags for Meniere's Disease.
After naturally looking up Meniere's Disease online, I wanted to post on here to find out more about my risk for Meniere's Disease.
While I know tinnitus is not yet curable, I am also curious about the ear popping. I do feel a fullness often in/behind my ears. Occasionally I'll get what I refer to as mini ear infections, where my ear only hurts when it pops (when I swallow). These last a few days and resolve on their own, but I was curious of their possible cause as well.
Last remark, my mom wants me to go to an ENT to discuss stronger drugs than Dramamine to ease the dizziness. Could I just go to my physician to do this? And are there any medications you might recommend in particular? I'm also a little hesitant to ask my physician about the Meniere's symptoms for fear of being diagnosed and denied insurance down the line. Could this happen?
I know this is a lot of information, and it's all more of a curiousity than a necessity that I find my answers, so feel free to take your time answering any of the questions I've asked. Thank you so much for reading and helping!

Best Wishes,

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