h1n1 preocupied...
n4tive posted:
My wife got pretty bad throat infection, even though she didn't feel much pain (maybe some disconfort) she got a high fever and was practically unable to watch over my four month old. So I took off from work to take care of my baby boy, but I noticed he was feverish as well. I monitored him closely the temperature wouldn't exceed 100.7 called the ped and told me to give him some Pedicare to reduce the fever. Making the story short, two days later my wife and son are much better, but then *I* got sick.

Went to the doctor, the doctor gave me some medicines, send me to the lab for some blood work and to take the influenza test just in case. I day later, I came out positive influenza A h1n1. I don't know how. After seeing the results the doctor orders me to remain at my house and that I cannot go to work (missed 4 days already, that means missing another 4...)

.. the thing, I feel prefectly fine. I had NONE of the influenza type a symptoms except for the fever, and that lasted for about two days. I felt good enough I was able to work yesterday, but now I must remain home for the next four days (slight dizziness due to antibiotics) I am worried sick about my four month old, I hope he doesn't have it. The doctor ordered they too take the influenza test just in case. I just don't know what to think of all this.