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dizziness and head pressure
kumarious posted:
Dear Friends

Im 41 and from singapore. I share all yr problems with the dizziness, neck stiffness, visual disturbance, ringing in the ear, sleepless nites due to anxiety and panic attacks, depressed. I have been suffering this for the past 8months with unlimited visits to the ER and every check and scan was done which return normal. Then I decided not to depend on the doctors crap talks when the ER doc told me that I have to liv with my problems. I decided to carry out my own research on how to settle my problem. Today im not 100% back but hope to reach there asap. Im 70% back where i can lead a normal lifestyle with hiccups at times.This is my story.
Firstly I decided to do an MRI on my back (spine) to check if everything was ok. Doctor with result told me I am suffering from Mild spondylosis which is not serious. He refered me to a physical therapists. Wat she did was fantastic. She said due to the degeneration of my cartilage at C3 to C6 my spine is shoertening and all due to bad posture and bad sleeping habits which in turn cause all my back and neck muscles to strain (Muscle spasm). She carried out RHF (Radio Heat Frequency) treatment to my neck with Therapy to my back. After 6 sessions with her Im 70% good with my neck stiffness n pressure in the head. Hoping to get better.The stiffness is gone and from dizziness I became lightheaded only. But the other symptoms were still there.
Secondly I didnt realised tht after getting all this panic attacks and stress, my stomach could be the cause of the problems. I just did an endoscopy and found out I had gastritis and Mild Gerd. Jackpot. The worst part of all it was a silent mild gerd. Do read up on this. Doctors will not acknowledge tht Gerd leads to Ringing in the ear, Lightheadness and visual disturbance.Yes gerd is not link directly but indirectly it irritates a Nerve called VAGUS NERVE which links from yr abdomen to yr Head. I am presently taking medication for my stomach and will update you guys on the status but the above problems come and goes this around. 70% there.
Some drugs precribed by doctors could possibly give you side effects and do monitor and look into that also and look for and alternative.
Presently Im taking supplement also like Regenerix Gold which cares for yr cartilage and bones, Neutron OD which cares and nourishes your nerves. Feeling better and hopefully back to old self again.
Guys if you have done all scans and test and its all ok, please dont panic and get anxiety which is a added factor to your problem which is not a problem. Today i am just ok coz i got to the root of the problem. Its all about getting better now.
I hope my sharing here is an avenue for all to get better and yr health back. Ping me if you guys want further info. I may have left out somethings after recollecting back all my misery


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