Sleeping with a bleeding ear -- ideas?
AONeill1701 posted:
I've got a minor rupture in my ear drum, that happened yesterday around 4 PM but which wasn't bleeding much until 5 AM -- I think I was irritating it in my sleep.

I already consulted a doctor, who said I probably can wait a couple days to go in (it's Saturday morning, and offices around here aren't open until Monday) and thus avoid the emergency room, since there's no pain.

But she also said head injuries of any kind tend to bleed a lot, and that ruptures can result in pus and drainage.

And dangit, I can't sleep -- I keep hearing and feeling liquid dripping when I lay on the side with the rupture. But if I lay on the other side, the blood pools in my ear and causes that kind of "underwater" hearing loss (already happened once, but I was able to reverse it).

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to sleep more-or-less peacefully like this? Also, any ideas how long the bleeding/drainage lasts?