GinaEdgerly posted:
Hi all. I am 26 years old and have been battling chronic ear infections for the past 6+ years. Because I grew up in California and played water polo through out high school I figured my ear infections, which started in undergrad, were as a result from the constant swimming growing up. However, I have lived in Boston and now Ann Arbor, MI and am still having ear infections about every 2-3 months.

My symptoms: fluid trapped in my ear, ringing, pain in ear. These infections are also affecting both ears, however my right ear is more painful and tends to be more infected.

Doctors have said/done: feels like not much. When I was in Boston I saw a specialist. He literally laughed and said not much to do. He said that I am getting water trapped in my ears from showering which is causing these infections. He said I will just need to "blow dry" my ears. I said is this a long term solution. He said yes.

I'm seeing a specialist in AA now. She has given me 2 different ear drops- haven't worked. Antibiotics- have not worked. Heavy duty anti-fungal creme- haven't worked. Last week I had blood drawn and had a CT scan.

No results yet but I am in constant pain. My current ear infection has been the most intense. Most infections have ceased to hurt after about 2 weeks. I am now going on over 6 weeks! I feel exhausted, light headed and dizzy. I need this to stop.

If these results come back inconclusive- what do I do?! For those in the medical field- have you seen or heard of this before? Where should I go? Is there a facility that is the holy grail of ear issues? I would almost go anywhere to figure this out. HELP please!