Light pain/tenderness on right side of head(near the right ear)
lumpkch posted:
Hello Community,
I am going to provide a description of my symptoms:
I have some light pain and tenderness on the right side of my head, near my right ear. I was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist because of a swollen lymph node in my throat. While I was at this appointment I thought I would describe this problem to the ear, nose and throat specialist. What I experience is some light pain near the right ear. The only thing I can explain is it feels like something is there. I know that is vague, but it feels like some pressure underneath the skull. At times I feel dizzy and I have ringing in my right ear. Not the left ear though. This has been going for about 2 months. I explained this to the ear, nose and throat specialist and he said that I should not worry about it. Despite the fact that I worry too much about things like this, something is causing it. I am worried about a stroke. I know the warning signs of a stroke, such as blurred vision, face drooping, slurred speech. I have none of those symptoms yet. I just want some peace of mind. I am willing to trust my ear, nose and throat specialist, but this is a little scary. Is there a doctor on here or a specialist who can offer some advice? Could I have a tumor, since I feel little dizzy spells? Or could it be an inner ear problem, even though my specialist says it is not? I just don't know. I want it to stop. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. Have a good day all.