Roof of mouth and nostril pain.
AmyMall posted:
Okay i am in a world of pain...
I woke up this morning and i had nothing more than a runny nose on one side. As the day as progressed, i have developed a throbbing, burning pain at the bottom of that nostril and on the roof of my mouth, only in the area below that nostril.
There is nothing visible on the roof of my mouth or inside the nostril that could be the cause of this pain, so just wandering if anyone could suggest any ideas as to what it could be causing really hurts Also, when i press on that side of my neck up towards my throat it feels tender but i dont have an earache.
Im so confused. :S

What i find bizarre, but this could have absolutely nothing to do with it, is that i ate an ice lolly last night and, after id finished, the roof of my mouth was sore on this same side for the rest of the evening. Then this morning i woke with a runny nose on that side but no pain until now.
(Again, this probably has no relevance but i thought i would mention it)

Sorry i am rambling, just wanted to give a full picture.
Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thank you
AmyMall responded:
also, not sure if relevant but i used new earplugs last night to sleep and had to take them out during the night as they were too painful, not sure how this would affect the roof of my mouth but thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks again.