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On-Going Sinus Issues!
courtbangel posted:
Hey. I have kind of a complicated situation. I had sinus surgery in December of 2012, because I had been having sinus/respiratory problems every few weeks. I had a migraine every day. I would get sick, get it cleared up and then it would come back almost like it was the next day. I had a mass in my sinuses. Previously, I hadnt had blood in my mucus. But 3 months ago (June) I started getting cold and sinus infections again. I was sick for the entire months of June and July. I went to to doctor and had to have 2 antibiotics. I wasn't sick all of August, but I have been sick since September 2nd. I have tried every over the counter medicine that i'm allowed to take. Last week I started coughing up bright red bloody and green mucus. I don't have insurance as the insurance my parents had on me expired. Yesterday I got a netipot so I could see if I could get the infection out. Okay, so when I put the netipot through my right nostril, it works fine and I get bright green mucus...but when I put it through my left nostril, only so much will go in and then it stops. Then, I blow out bright red blood and bright green mucus as well. The migraines I have, have gotten significantly worse- and are especially terrible in the morning. My head feels weak, my body is extremely tired- but restless. I've had like 3 fevers this month, but they've went away and weren't over 102 F. My chest hurts, especially when I cough. When I touch my throat on the outside, it feels pretty swollen and lumpy. I don't really want to spend money to go to the doctor, but i feel like I might have to. I don't smoke, nor do I drink. Could you give me some advice, please?

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