painful/raw feeling throat
wshepherd1223 posted:
A few weeks ago I had allergies that caused some congestion and about a week later that cleared up and was able to breathe through my nose again, then a week after that, I wake up and my throat feels dry or raw as it does now. Whenever I swallow, whether with food or not, it hurts really bad especially if I haven't swallowed in a while. I checked the back of my throat for signs of strep but don't see any and all I can think of is that I was hacking up a lot of mucus when my allergies were most active. I've also noticed little bits of blood coming up with some of the mucus and wondered if there is maybe a scab since it only bleeds after a strong cough or if I gargle hot water in the shower. I have attached photos of my mouth just for clarification in case my assumptions are wrong.