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ENT, Middle ear infection
JKoth posted:

My name is Jag from Chennai, India. I had a ear infection for almost 5 years. Due to this pus got discharging from my left ear two to three days once. Initially I didn't much concentrated about this problem but later for last 1 year I was worried and consulted with the ent doctor. they suggested some antibiotics but it didnt cured well for almost 2 months. my ent said there is some small hole in the ear drum and it has to closed it by operations only if medicine didn't helped. so I have decided to go for the surgery. my ent did successfully operated this surgery(Left Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty under local anaesthesia) Findings: Small Central Performation, Tymponisclerotic+ myringitis) Surgery: Margins freshened, myringitis exised. Tympanosclerotic plaques removed. Ossicles intact and mobile. Temporalis fasic graft underlaid in may month. After this surgery, I got suffered by a constant hissing sound. when i checked with my doc he said it needs min 3 months to heal something. so I had keep myself convinced and waiting to cure myself. But the problem is still after 6 months too am hearing hissing/buzzing sound in my ear. I can hear well in both my left and right ear. my doc is still saying the same story and I am telling him I am sensing some fluid movement in my left ear but he didn't bothers my problem. So I decided to not going to meet him again. after few days I got discharded some pus in my left ear and I believe infection got generated again. due to this I am getting frustrated at home and office. I dont know what to do.. hearing hussing/buzzing sound contiously and sometimes feeling pain in inner ear. when I bend my neck to left ear, I am sensing some fluid movement from my ear to mouth. once the liquid got discharged I feel little bit good and again the above problem started after I came back to sleep. I dont have cold no dizziness. but still i dont understand why fluids are getting generated inside my left ear and making buzzing sound. I am really anxious about this problem and worried it would cause my brain. please doctor please help me out. I dont trust any of the doctor at my place. all are focusing on money in here. please advise.

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