reaction to flu shot
dewirl posted:
I also am having terrible pain from the seasonal flu shot. I had mine 3 weeks ago in the morning. By night time I was in terrible pain at the injection site. I thought the pharmacist gave the shot really high and forward too. I really though she hit a nerve or joint. I can not lift my arm at all sometimes but at other times I can lift it 1/4 of the way up. I can not sleep through the night the pain wakes me and it is really hard to turn over. I have done nothing else to cause this pain. I can not do my daily swimming and can't to man tasks. I was relived to read the other posts and realizing it wasn't just me having this reaction. I am seeing my GP tomorrow and will ask for a steroid shot. 6 months of this pain is not something I can afford to do as I need my arms for my job.