Forehead Pressure / Brain Foggy
An_254083 posted:
Hi - so I'll get right to it. I went to Miami last week (everyday 85 degrees and sunny) and during the latter half of the trip, I got what seemed to be a cold. I had a cough, stuffy nose, and even got the chills one night. Overall, I felt pretty crappy. I left on a Saturday night back to New Jersey (much colder) via plane. The next day, I began to feel like spaced out/disconnected from my surroundings. I went to work on Monday and it was very difficult for me to focus and think and I started to freak out a bit. This Wednesday, I went to my doctor and she said she thinks it's a sinus infection and prescribed me Amoxicillin. It's now Friday and I am still getting the head pressure/spacey feeling on and off. She told me to inhale steam, and when I do, the feeling basically goes away. I also feel virtually 100% fine right after I wake up. Usually it takes a few hours for the spacey, weird head feeling to kick in. Has anyone ever experienced this?
An_254083 responded:
also should add that i've had minor occasional aches in my ears, most notably my right ear.