Waiyne posted:
I've been studying for a government exam and just now had it in the last few hours. Thought I'd look it up. Almost sounds like a dull Snapple bottle cap when pushed in and released. Kinda' freaked me out. I was diagnosed with bradycardia about 5 years ago but never experienced this. Like everyone else's I've read ... when you open your mouth it gets louder and is in sync with your heart beat. I'm a 44 yo male with a BMI of 24, so the withings scale says. I work on vessels 6 months a year and do strenuous work. I'm about to go back to work in a month but would like to know more about this ... no internet in the seas. As as far as I can see, it isn't popular so an ear / nose / throat specialist most likely won't have a clue. But I'll bring it up at my next physical and if I know something new I'll post it.
Waiyne responded:
My apology. I believed I was answering a thread and now cannot seem to remove this. I have sense figured it out and copied / pasted this in the discussion I was in. Just signed up and new to here ... I'll learn.