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Sharp pain in my throat
An_254272 posted:
Hi, I've recently been feeling a fairly sharp, throbbing pain in my throat. In a sense, it kind of feels like there's a small shard of glass sticking out of it. I only feel this when I talk or swallow.
This has so far happened to me twice, both within the same year. The first incident seemed to be triggered eating cinnamon foods. However, I haven't figured out the source of the second. Liquids seem to agitate my throat.

It feels like the source is from my uvula.

Feeling the back of my uvula with the tip of my tongue, I feel four small bumps, one different, and directly in the middle of the bulb. The other three are pretty much linear on the stem-like part above. The isolated bump is smaller, and feels rather similar to a wood splinter in a finger.
The pain slowly went away after about two weeks or so during the first case. It's not exactly painful, but more of an irritating inconvenience. Assuming that I've been specific enough, are there any home remedies for this issue?

On a related note, this seems like it should be common sense, but should I be touching my uvula with my tongue? I've discovered that I sometimes automatically do this when I get sick, because it gives me the impression of stopping my throat from hurting when I do.

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