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An_254292 posted:
I'm so sad that you've been going like this for 2 years!! You poor thing. I hope that you find some answers. I just started this process a month ago. woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache behind the eyes, which was able to be controlled the next day by Ibuprofen. Since then, headache went away, but I have a constant pressure in my head, and my eyes feel like they are hard to move sometimes, and if I try to strain and see something in my periphery vision, I get a headache. Bright lights, alcohol, chocolate, and noise seems to trigger headaches behind my eyes, but not debilitating migraines. Ibuprofin, Tylenol, Aspirin, or Migraine over the counter meds don't help. I've been feeling dizzy as well, and I always have visual disturbances that almost seem like I'm looking through the wavy air at the back of a lit grill for a split second until my eyes focus, if that makes any sense. They are worse when I'm in an oddly lit or fluorescent lit place, like a mall or grocery store. I've been to the primary care physician and an ENT and have had a CT scan of the sinuses. So far, 2 sinus meds didn't work, and a shot of Toroudol (sp?) hasn't worked, nor has Sumatriptan Tablets. CT scan showed all of my sinuses are totally clear, but my ears pop every time I swallow. Headed to a neurologist on Monday--hoping for the best. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thought I should just check...
An_254309 responded:
I have been having same issues! I thought it may be vertigo but doc sd my ears where fine! I wish u the best at neurologist! I throw up at times with mine and am dizzy and vision is off or blurry and numbness or tingling n numb down at times n horrible headache behind eyes n just feel out of sorts or foggy headed! I have heard someone say it could be "silent migraines"!

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