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Comes and goes: roaring tinnitus in one ear, wonky hearing, etc
lordbritish posted:
Short history: On and off for the past 2 and 1/2 months I have been experiencing a low roaring sound in my right ear along with episodes of weird/cloggy/distorted hearing. Like I said, this stuff has been coming and going:

Aug 28 - Sep 7 = Symptoms ON
Oct 13 - Oct 24 = Symptoms ON
Nov 4 - Today (Nov 10) = Symptoms ON

I have of late had some great stress in my life -- for one, I have moved house and had some considerable stresses in the office. So of late life has not been a peach, and I have had discomfort and tenderness on a regular (comes and goes) basis at both the base of my skull and in my right jaw joint (same side as tinnitus sound).

Saw a GP, who has referred me to an ENT specialist. GP was vague, as they typically are, and mumbled something about ETD. Not sure if that diagnosis (blocked tubes) works. May in fact have something to do with TMJ and all that stuff.

So anyway, the symptoms, again, are:

Low-tone tinnitus, like a roaring fire in my right ear
Hearing goes in and out, fine for a few hours, then weird, then fine, etc
Tender jaw joint
Sore neck at base of skull, especially when in bed

Key might be that these symptoms have always started when I wake up from sleep. So, it's not like it begins during the day when I'm conscious. I always wake up and, hearing the roar has returned, go "Oh no, it's back."

Anyway...any ideas or common experiences? I'm going to see an ENT in just over a week but would love to know more about it as it's going on as I type this message.

Thank you.

Lord British
lordbritish responded:
If it makes the description of the sound any more real to you: I said it's like a roar or a fire roaring, etc; I could add also that it sounds like that sound that comes into your ear when you yawn. a yawning/roaring sound?

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