Hearing issues.
rusticgt posted:
So during the Thanksgiving holiday I was in the store when my right ear suddenly became extremely muffled. My left ear was a little but I figured it was just wax. It got to the point there I called and made a urgent appointment with a doctor that Friday, he says it was just wax build up. I took some over the counter drops and saw my regular doctor a week later. She flushed my ears and removed a lot of wax, but my hearing didn't get any better. She had asked if I had a cold and I told her a week before this all happened I was down with a mild one. Thing I might have fluid behind my ear drums she gave me a steroid shot. Which didn't help. Now my left ear pops and I can tell somethings in there, sometimes it pops and I can hear myself breathe and etc which has gotten worse to where I don't want to speak at all. As for my right ear it doesn't pop but is extremely muffled. I'm at my wits end and seriously don't know what to do.