Headache and Dizziness!
domorale posted:
Hi there,

For about 10 days I've had a mild to moderate headache that will come and go throughout the day AND a sense of instability or dizziness. No fever. No cough. No sore throat. No feelings of sinus congestion (I thought perhaps I had a middle or inner ear infection). The dizziness has become more noticeable over the last few days. Also, I have a little fatigue and I've been waking up sweating quite a bit. There are moments when I feel "chills" that I've felt before when I have other common illnesses.

Any ideas as to what this could be? I went to the doctor today and I'll get some blood test results in a day or two. I thought it could be some sort of migraine or ear infection, perhaps even mono. I've had mono before with similar symptoms but they were much more severe and without the dizziness. The dizziness is the most troubling.

Any help here would be AWESOME!