Major Sinus infection
An_254735 posted:
Has anyone had to take prednisone (very strong steriods) with antibiotics and had a severe allergic reaction?I have never had to take this before; I have had a lot of severe facial swelling, gland swelling, jaw soreness, loss of appetite and have no beent able to sleep well at all the last 5 nights. If so, especially the facial swelling how long before it returned to normal? The doctor had me stop taking the steroids on the 5th day, which was the last day of taking them. Still have three days of antibiotic to take. I am thinking I may need to go back to doctor.
schine05 responded:
I was on prednisone for 12 days for an inner ear virus infection I think was brought on by allergies. Subsequently had corticosteroids injected in my left ear. Not sure if either treatment worked because I now have mod/severe hearing loss in left ear even after the treatment. But, it is the only treatment they had for my virus infection.