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what causes hearing lose?
msbusybee5 posted:
My daughter is 28 years old and just lose her hearing in one ear. Two (2) prominent hospitals told her point blank after a hearing test, that she would never hear from the ear again. My daughter then started going to ENT in NEW York only to receive the same negative treatment. My daughter fought to get an MRI and the results are inconclusive. They are now requesting that she see a neurologist to rule out MS. My daughter is angry because no one can give her an answer to her hearing lose, will she get it back and her fear of being more disabled than she already is, my daughter suffers with Sickle Cell Disease. She feels hopeless and believe her body is betraying her. What does MS have to do with hearing lose? Are there any young adults out there who is going through this who give me some hope to my daughter?
Thank you everyone
schine05 responded:
Very sorry your daughter is going through this at such a young age. I'm in my 60s and just lost 90% hearing in one ear and it is a difficult adjustment. My loss was due to a virus in the inner ear. My ENT also had me get an MRI to make sure there was no growth on the auditory nerve. My treatment was to take prednisone 12 days to handle virus and followed by 3 injections of cortiscone into the ear. None of that helped my hearing but they say it would have dealt with the virus to stop and reduce the damage. I hear at 80 decibles (shouting) in that ear and can only make out 40% of words that I do hear during hearing tests. I just got a hearing aid and it helps some but not a lot. I didn't know that hearing loss could be related to MS but will now look into it. I also was very reluctant to accept the situation but now after 6 months of living with it and adjusting to it I am starting to cope better and I hope your daughter will be able to do the same. If her hearing loss is total in that ear she might be able to use a cross-over hearing aid to send sound from that side to her hearing side. I too was upset that the Doctors couldn't really be conclusive about why it happened. They admit that they really don't know too much about the viruses that cause this and it sounds from your case its not clear as well. I hope she is able to adjust. I find I'm not as bothered by "head fullness" and "rushing and ringing" sound as I was at the start so maybe she will learn how to be comfortable too. Good luck and best wishes.

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