Liquids constantly going down "the wrong pipe"?
mommyof2201 posted:
my son is 12 months old, he has a class 4 lip tie (corrected) and class 3 tongue tie that have yet to be corrected. he has always since birth, with liquids, choked quite a bit. no matter what type of bottle nipple, sippy, straw cup ext we've tried. it always goes down the wrong way and there is a lot of coughing. this usually happens 5-6 times over the course of 4 oz of liquid. my son's ent assures me everything is fine, but i don't think it is, how can choking so much, EVERYDAY. be fine? (he eats foods/solids without choking/going down the wrong way) any advice? no testing has been done at all. he also has other midline issues that are being looked into (sacral dimple, and metopc craniosynostosis, along with lip/tongue ties) could this all be related???