needing med advice
kaitlyn_chris4ever posted:
Hello my boyfriend and I both have very strange ear achs. Mine seems to be your commen ear infection. I have it in both ears. I feel like I'm losing my hearing. Its not really pain full anymore . Just feels like its full or filled up . My bf is having diffrent ear problems . He has a huge sore on the inside of his ear that kinda looks like a 2nd degree burn. Its leaking blood and clear puss . Its very swollen around the ear and his side of his face. Its causing him a lot of pain. We tryed peroxid . Not working tho.
atti_editor responded:
Hi kaitlyn_chris4ever,

While I cannot give medical advice or a diagnosis, you might find some helpful information in this article about ear infection complications . I suggest you make an appointment for you and your boyfriend to see a doctor. There may be antibiotics your doctor can prescribe or some fluid drainage that needs to be done to ease both his and your pain and allow for a full recovery.

Best wishes,