Ear Pain
mommycim4 posted:
My 3 year old son was jumping around last night and fell and hit his ear his ear is red and he is complaining of pain. Should I take him to the ER or will he be fine if I wait till his doctors office opens in about 8hrs.
atti_editor responded:
Hi mommycim4,

Just checking in to see how your son is doing. Were you able to get him in to see the doctor?

Best wishes,
mommycim4 replied to atti_editor's response:
Yes thankfully and turned out that he had a double ear infection just found it odd because there was no fever or anything else like when my daughter had one. He is on amoxicillin and feeling much better.
atti_editor replied to mommycim4's response:
I am so glad to hear that he is feeling better!