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Dr. M: Taking anti-viral meds for Meniere's---would like your input--again!:)
yanksgirl posted:
After contacting a Dr. in Mass., by email, who believe's Meniere's has a viral etiology, and treats his patients with a high success rate, with anti-viral meds. I got an email back from him explaining his dosage, etc.
I sent that with my own letter to my primary, who--reluctantly--prescribed the generic for me to try for a 2 week period and then I have one refill. The doctor from Mass. said I will see an improvement in dizziness, nausea, and should see an improvement in hearing also, within 3 weeks of the high dose of anti-virals, and then will 'taper down' to only 1/2 to one tablet a day--1000 mg. for as long as needed. I'm on Right now I'm on 2 a day for 3 weeks. Total of 2000 mg. daily.

Many on the Meniere's forum have gone to him and have been helped so much, that I decided to contact him. My ent didn't object, just does not support the anti-viral treatment, and my primary agrees with him but said he'd let me give it a try. I really appreciated that. It cannot hurt me, except give me side affects--and I have those (dizziness, nausea) already. This is day 2 and yes I am more dizzy but nausea isn't worse, so far.
So--your thoughts on this would be appreciated. I'll let you know if I can tolerate the anti-virals and also , most important, if they help!

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