constant vocal strain
An_255671 posted:
I have struggled with "voice issues" for the past 6 years or longer. I am a teacher and I feel like this has contributed to my condition. Over the years, I have lost the ability to make high pitched sounds. About three months ago, my voice began to "cut out" when I tried to have a conversation. I have been struggling with hoarseness for the past several weeks. It feels as if the problem is with my left vocal cord. Previous ENT prescribed reflux medicine and nasal sprays, and allergy medications which did not help. I feel this may be job-related? Could this be vocal cord paralysis?
atti_editor responded:
Hi and thank you for posting,

Here is some information that I found on voice problems that you might find helpful. As a teacher, you have a job that may be classified as high-risk for voice problems because your vocal cords are always in use. You might make an appointment with your doctor to have an examination of your vocal cords. He/she may be able to diagnose a voice problem. The above link has some treatment options for voice problems that you might consider. The most common is resting your vocal cords, although that might be hard to do with your job.

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