Day 13 of taking antivirals for Meniere's symptoms!
Anon_963 posted:
After much research and almost 'begging' for a script to try the anti-viral medication (generic--Acyclovir), I finally got a 'reluctant' ok and script from my primary--to try! Only two weeks and one refill but at least I can try this. I am hoping and praying this will help me as it has helped many others--whose doctors will at least try it for them!
If not, it can't hurt--other than some annoying side affects like more dizziness and nausea--pretty intense right now. I'm told this will pass. If not, I'll share that here too. If my daily head pressure and dizziness goes away or improves--I'll share that too. Has anyone here tried this treatment for these symptoms and possibly hearing loss/vertigo, etc. due to Meniere's?