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ear infection, 5 months later
whatfeedsyou posted:
28/m, healthy, physically active, nonsmoker, rarely drinks
So, a rough synopsis. In December I got an ear infection and went to a regular doctor, placed on topical ear drum solution and antibiotics, went back to the doctor a few times, fought to get a referral to go to an ENT as symptoms got worst and pain increased to the point that the side of my head felt like I got kicked and constant ringing in my ear. Went to an ENT, placed on more antibiotics, and eventually had a tube put in my ear in (muffled hearing began)... late December. More antibiotics and a ear drop solution (continued ear drops after pills ran out); leaked heavily till about mid March till it began to slow. ENT said mentioned that on rare occasion the the tube will cause a secondary infection... (something like that... not word for word) and that the tube should come out. Pulled the tube out, back on more antibiotics and restarted ear drops for about the last month (now Cipro). Ran out of Cipro, ear drum still hasnt healed, ear is still leaking, ringing is still there and very muffled hearing from my left ear since the tube was initially put in (I assume from the amount of pus and cr*p in my ear). About 2 weeks ago, my ear finally began to feel like it wanted to equalize pressure, by jaw movement, when I equalize my pressure in my right ear. I do still feel pain and pressure in my left ear almost daily.
I always use a silicone insert for my ear in the shower along with an ear cover.
Excuse my language but what the f**k is happening with my ear and why wont it heal!?!?! Emotionally, Im done and just so frustrated with this!!
My ENT doctor appears knowledgeable, concerned for my well being (i.e. has called to check in). But with all respect towards him, is there something that he can be doing differently or myself for that matter???

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