"Robot" Tinnitus after Sinus Problems
An_257003 posted:
I've been having some difficulty with tinnitus for roughly 5 days, it seems to have started after some allergy/sinus problems I was having. There's a constant roaring or humming noise in my right ear that I can't seem to get rid of and when listening to the TV, radio, or someone speak over the phone it sounds like they're speaking through something that makes them sound like robots.
I do suffer from allergies and sinus problems this time of year and almost ALWAYS have issues with tinnitus around the same time. I'm pretty sure this is from sinus pressure, I was wondering if there was any over the counter medications or anything that might be of some help.
I feel fine, but this sound is getting very annoying espesically since I'm on the phone a lot at my job.
Any suggections will be appreciated! Thanks!
atti_editor responded:

Here are some home treatment options for tinnitus that you might try. I hope that one of these is able to help limit your symptoms, and that your tinnitus clears up soon!

Best wishes,