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Hearing Loss after Flu Shot
vrhughes777 posted:
I too have to report I lost hearing in my left ear within 10-15 hours of taking a flu shot. I want answers. My doctor says, after confronting him, the flu shot had nothing to do with it, so he scheduled me to take 160 mg of predniSONE for 2 weeks. This did nothing except make me go bonkers. Then I was directed to take several blood tests. This did not show what they were looking for so I was directed to take an MRI brain scan. Nothing! They thought I had a brain tumor. This incident has cost me several thousands of dollars and the doc is stumped! So here I am 5 months later wondering what is going on. I only have 5% hearing in my left ear. I hear a constant ringing louder at certain times in the day. Flu shot coincidence? No way. I am thinking of talking to an attorney next, not another doctor. I know it was the flu shot! Now I hear of other people having the same problem, let's get together and solve this puzzle. Do I dare ever to take another flu shot? Hell no, I only have one ear left!

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An_257300 responded:
Do you have any allergies to things such as eggs?
While I'm no doctor I do remember being told by the last person to give me a flu shot,after I asked why they asked if I was allergic to eggs or egg by-products,that they incubate the flu virus inside eggs.After that I was told they kill the virus using heat.
Its possible it was an allergic reaction.

I'd advise trying to settle outside of court- most of your evidence would be considered circumstantial by a judge,and an attorney would just cost you more money than you'd win.
You always need a strong case not based on 'circumstantial' evidence if you want to win a case against anyone with more money than you.
elma36 replied to An_257300's response:
idiopathichearingloss responded:
I got flu shot in 10am .lost hearing 2pm. 2 year s ago. I went ENT right away . Audiogram showed acute sensory hearing loss. I got steroid as same as you were. I was in the hospital that time. I still have tinnitus.i constantly suffer from straining with good ear which try to compensate for other Vaccination lawyer had expert witness but. Expert witness seemed to be No clue but he turned downed ,not likely connected to flu vaccine. He just collected Data. I have to find new lawyer . I have struggled my self with compromised ear at work .i can not have hearing aid because of different frequency loss. I knew your feeling exactly.
idiopathichearingloss responded:
I also reported my case to CDC. Vrhughes777! You may have to do that also. They may need data like you and me. Who would know in the future , flu vaccine is toxic' to hearing . We. May have to wait until that time against giant vaccine company. But truth will bear truth.

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