Tender Bump on Tragus
An_257174 posted:
I woke up to a bump on my right ear by my tragus and it is really sore, at first I thought it was a pimple but it doesn't look like one. the bump is sore and round. I am 21 and 30 weeks pregnant I was wondering if this is something serious or just something minor.
An_257174 responded:
  • I also have a sinus infection however I have had them 3x a years since I was young and have never had this happen before
    atti_editor replied to An_257174's response:

    How are you doing now? It is possible that what you have is some sort of =4&sid[0>=347&bpid[1>=4&sid[1>=148#conditionView">abscess (inflamed pocket of pus that develops on the surface of the skin). The above link will give you more information. Applying a warm compress may help clear it up. If the bump comes to a head, you should make an appointment to have it treated by your doctor -- do not try to pop it on your own. If the bump is overly painful, grows to larger than a 1/2 inch or you develop a fever.

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