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I feel high but I'm sober, please take a look.
xpresleyx posted:
Hey all. So this past thursday (continued through weekend and currently feeling it) I began to feel as if I'm high on marijuana, but I did not smoke (i recently started smoking marijuana routinely though, its been about 2 weeks). Of course there are a few other symptoms I'm experiencing, I'll list them below.

*Slight pressure behind my eyes, nose, and forehead.
*My eyes feel fatigued and tired, as well as myself.
*I can't seem to concentrate or focus like I used to.
*I feel like I'm spaced out, cloudy, careless almost. Derealization?
*I feel like I'm kinda floating along in a daze, like I do when I smoke.

I have noticed I have been having vivid dreams for the past week, but I sleep soundly though the night, I have no problem falling asleep.

I thought it was a sinus infection or allergies, so on friday I bought allergy medicine and sinus and cold medicine but it hasnt helped a bit.

I googled these symptoms and anxiety pops up, as well as depression, among a million other things but I've never had any problems with that in the past and I know it's nothing like that (at least I hope).

I just really feel out of it and its scary because I used to be able to focus and do things without hesitation and now I really have to make effort even to type this post, it's scaring me and creating stress and I do not know what to do. I'm afraid to drive and do normal things.

Last year I feinted at work and found out Im slightly anemic, slightly low iron, but for some reason I don't feel thats related.

I'm just really freaking out because Ive read other people who are experiencing this and its happening for months, even longer for people and no one seems to have said theres a cure for whats happening to them.

I know I should see a doctor soon and see what they say, but I was planning on waiting a few days without smoking and see if it goes away on its own, but I dont know how much longer I can take this.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
xpresleyx responded:
After looking more into iron deficiency I'm think that could totally be it. Like I had said, I feinted last year and my blood work showed I was slightly anemic, but my doctor never gave me any iron pills or told me to do anything, so I didnt.
An_260324 replied to xpresleyx's response:
has it got better for u because im going through the same thing and i need help!
anonymous responded:
Has anyone found a reason for this? I had these symptoms when I was younger and then it just went away, can't think of what it might have been. Then last year the symptoms came back. I felt fine this morning. I was organizing and picking up/throwing things out. I looked through old photos and was happy and had so many great memories. I have anxiety and ptsd and this feels like a surge of dopamine/serotonin to the point of being high. I have not smoked marijuana, it's strange it should happen all of a sudden. There's been stress today sure but I did great.

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