Wax and light blood covering boyfriend's pillow
evaesis posted:
My boyfriend is having severe pains in his right ear. He woke up this. Ironing and there was yellow spots all over his pillow, some of them tinged pink from a small bit of blood. I think he has a ruptured eardrum from a severe sinus infection but he says he can still hear from the ear. He doesn't have a primary doctor and he refuses to go to a hospital. What can I do for him to ease the pain without dragging him to a doctor?
jonnosaurus responded:
I'm no expert but if he holds his nose and mouth closed and gently tries to blow out, can he feel air coming out of the affected ear? If so, it is more than likely a ruptured eardrum. The fact that there is yellow spots on the pillow would suggest that it is infected and he needs to see a doctor for ear drops to clear wax build up and infection. Other than that normal painkillers