Pit on back of ear
kachen25 posted:
My son is 6 months old and was born with severe hearing loss in his right ear. He's had multiple ear infections, including one at 3 weeks old, and he ended up getting tubes in his ears at 5 months. We've always noticed that he had this little pit on the back of his ear that looked like a tiny birth defect. At his 6 month appointment, I told his pediatrician that he had this pit, and he said that he sees them very often and that if you look them up on the internet, you'll find they're often associated with kidney problems. However, he was not concerned.
I looked them up on the internet to get a bit more information and found that there is something called preauricular pit/cyst that can cause hearing loss during fetal development. Does anyone know more about this? I'm trying to decide if I need to push my doctor to do more testing on my son to see if he may have other problems associated with these pits (ex. kidney problems, BOR syndrome, etc.)
I hate to be someone who is constantly searching the internet for self diagnosis but I also don't want to miss something important. If these pits are associated with hearing loss, and my sons doctor knows he has hearing loss, shouldn't we run more tests? Check his kidneys?