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Pain in left eye after blowing nose
jcspeeder posted:
I have had nose and chest congestion for several days now and have been blowing my nose quite often. I read that you should blow one side of your nose at a time to prevent pressure build up, and I have been following this advice.

Well, three days ago, as I blew my right nostril, I felt a sharp pain on the inside of my left eye socket. I thought perhaps I was blowing to hard, but the pain has occurred each time. Earlier today, I felt a distinct pop along with increased pain at that same spot, then I had a couple air bubbles come out between my eyeball and lower eyelid. I have never had anything like this happen before. It is my understanding that the eye socket is not connected to anything that allows the flow of air. Any thoughts? Should I be concerned? Thanks in advance.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
There is a tiny duct - the nasolacrimal duct -- that runs from inside your nose to the corner of your eye. Your eyes are surrounded by the paranasal sinuses.

Because you are having some unusual eye pain associated with nose-blowing, it would be in your best intest to be examined by your medical provider. Someone needs to examine those areas to determine a reason for you discomfort. Unfortunately, a posted description is really not sufficient to make that call -- you are going to need that hands-on examination.
stolstad replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
Well, when I tell the optom. about the eye hurting me, they just look at me. Its good to hear you think there is a relationship. But I would like to know how the heck you find a good doctor in Tucson, AZ??????????? First its a corneal abrasion with vigamox, then prede forte, then nevanac, etc. It feels like I have an area where there are bumps. I can't feel like I can blow my nose anymore. I am so sick of this eye thing. He said these things can take months to heal, but it just gets worse when I blow my nose. Where the heck are the good docs?? Wish I was back in Milwaukee, WI!!!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to stolstad's response:
You need a good primary care medical provider. For medical problems that they cannot handle, they are aware of the best specialists for referrals.

You have two problems: one in your eye(s) that require an ophthalmologist. Your nose is the second issue, and is probably unrelated to your eye issues - this may require the services of a good ENT specialist (if the primary care doctor feels this is necessary).

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