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Ear infection and whole body rash?
Jennifer506035 posted:
Our 3 year old son has had 16 ear infections. The most recent diagnosed this morning. He has had 2 sets of tubes. Last set fell out around xmas. He has a chronic runny nose since xmas. NOW..this weekend he breaks out in a head to toe rash. We brought him to the Dr who says it's just an ear infection. Have you ever heard of a whole body rash from an ear infection? This is news to me.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
No...the ear infection does not cause the rash, but perhaps the microorganism that caused the infection (strep? virus?) also cause a skin eruption. Allergies can also cause rashes.

Unfortunately, since I have no way of examining your son, I cannot be specific as to the cause. I would need to physically see that "rash".
cp123 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
Hi My son his 8mns and he is going through the same thing. He has a ear and sinus infection. Then he broke out in a body rash. His doctor isn't sure about the rash.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to cp123's response:
The skin can only react in one basic way....a rash. Hundreds of things can cause a rash on a child; I see them every day.

A common cause a a viral exanthem --- a rash caused by his cold/infection. Most middle ear infections are preceded by a cold. Eight month olds rarely have true, bacterial "sinus infections" since they don't really have sinuses yet. Their sinuses are so tiny and undeveloped that sinusitis is quite unusual. Middle ear infections are common, especially if your child is in day-care or exposed to other children who hammer his immature immune system with viral infections.

A rash can be allergic or even a drug reaction. Was he on any antibiotics when the rash occured? Amoxicillin common causes a rash, usually toward the end of a treatment regime.
Lilly27 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
So when the Amoxicillin causes a rash at the end of treatment is it a sign of being allergic or is it normal? Just curious my daughter developed a rash shortly after ending her treatment for an ear infection using Amoxicillin. I am probably going to call the Dr. in a couple of days if it doesn't go away I was just curious about it though.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Lilly27's response:
There are allergic rashes from amoxicillin....itchy hives, usually, and there is a side-effect of amoxicillin (a generalized, non-itchy, rash toward the end of the course). Both are undesirable, of course, but only one is a true allergic response. Often, it is best to stop the medication if you get a rash of either nature, and consult your treating medical provider.

Sounds like your daughter had an plain 'ol, common amoxicillin rash (not allergy).

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