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Tinnitus mostly gone
Maggie906 posted:
Hi, I want to share with you my experience. 5 months ago started having medium loud tinnitus in my right ear. ENT diagnosed it as eusthacian tube distinction from allergies (I had typical allergy symptoms). I have had success doing the following: antihist. 1x/day, Fluticasone spray 2xday. I have learned how to blow open my eusthacian tubes by pinching my nostrils and gently blowing. I have leaned how to recognize how it feels when my right tube is open. If I gently incline my head back while laying down I can feel the tube staying open for about 30 secs. I then squirt the Fluticasone (prescription nasal spray), and feel it running down the back of my throat and into esthasian tube. I then blow open the tube about 5 times to further blow in the nasal spray. Also several times during he day I squeeze my nostrils and blow open the tube. The click you hear after swallowing is just the bottom orafice of the tube opening (to balance pressure), but in my case is not always indicative of the whole tube opening. I now only have full tinnitus symptoms when sleeping and which ends 15 minutes after leaving bed. It is also slightly noticeable for short periods on some days. The blowing technique then seems to take about 5 minutes to work If when I do get it during the day it helps to concentrate not on the tinnitus but the regular sounds of life. I hope this post will be a help to some of you. Best wishes, Steve
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Thank you, Steve. For a person who has tinnitus caused solely by Eustachian tube issues, you advice is very reasonable. I am glad that you were helped, and thank you for sharing your experience.
BlueNSX responded:
Steve. You describe my Tinnitus. I tried your instructions and am not sure I am doing it correctly. Could you contact me at Thank you. Rick