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inner ear fluid
bricen05 posted:
I have been using a neti pot for month's now. My ENT even told me too. Now i have fluid in my inner ear. I can't take sudafed or decongestant's. I can use flonaise it makes me anxious.. can Can neti pot cause the fliud and what can i do to get rid of the fluid.???
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
A minor correction for you....

It is NOT your inner ear, but your MIDDLE EAR. The inner ear is not subject to this type of problem.

I do not use the Neti Pot in my practice, but it should not cause problems with fluid in your MIDDLE EAR, however, if you have inflammation in your Eustachian tubes, fluid can build up in this space (the fluid is not from the Neti Pot, however).

If you can't take decongestants.....or nasal corticosteroids, there is really nothing more medically that can be done. You can talk to your doctor about using an antihistamine, but studies have not proven that they really help. If your ears feel full and stuffy, there is a new device called the "EarPopper" that can help open the e-tubes and correct this pressure issue. You can get info about this device on the Internet, but don't shell out the cash until you consult your ENT.