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Tinnitus TIP costs nothing and it works!
SirViver posted:
I have noticed that when I lay back in the bath tub and slip my head beneath the water Tinnitus immediately improves! Sometimes it even stops! And when I am done with my bath, the Tinnitus is much better for much of the day. Unfortunately, the ringing in my ears always returns.

I have never seen this TIP reported before! If you try my TIP and it helps, please email Mike at

If you have any suggestions or remedies, please include them!
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Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
This tip may work for you, but since there are hundreds of other causes (most sources of tinnitus are in the inner ear and brain), that it is not likely to help others in the same way.

Have you ever had a diagnostic workup for your tinnitus to see if a cause was determined in your case?